03 Oct 2022

Category: Education


The Flowers of Evil- Wine faults 

Wet dog? Barnyard smell? Pickled cabbage? Rotten apples? Vinegar? Glue? Mold? Nobody likes such attributes in their wine tasting notes. Unfortunately, sometimes even if manufacturers, distributors, and even consumers try their best, the wine ending up in our glasses has one of these defects. What…


The Wines of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova- Book review 

In the “Back to school” spirit I bring forward a volume which will most likely become a textbook reference for Eastern European wines, regions and wine economics. Caroline Gilby MW created the manuscript for “The wines of Bulgaria, Romanian and Moldova” with the meticulosity of…


Choosing the Best Romanian Wines by Reading Labels 

If you are in Romania or plan to visit it, you can’t miss tasting Romanian wines. Be sure to put it on your bucket list. Called “the land of hope” for wine, Romania has excellent geography and has invested heavily in this industry in the…