03 Oct 2022

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Domaine Vinarte- Tradition, reinvention, evolution

Domaine Vinarte- Tradition, reinvention, evolution 

Rethinking strategies, conquering new markets, making major investments în wine tourism, and rebranding to keep up with the times, this is what is on Vinarte’s agenda in 2019. As they turn 20 years old in business, Vinarte announces some philosophy changes and wants a redefinition, in line with the current trends on the markets, which they hope to (re) conquer. After the new company, named Domaine Vinarte had in  2018  a turnover of 10.5 million lei, already a 10%  increase compared to 2017, the plans for 2019 are incredibly ambitious, aiming for a 15% increase.

Less is more

The new management that took over the assets of former Vinarte SA brought in some major changes. The most shocking of all is the sale of the Dealu Mare wine cellar, Vila Zorilor to Sarica Niculiţel.

Although through this maneuver Vinarte lost 90 ha of the vineyard and the Prince Matei brand, following the transaction valued at 1-2 million euros, it has completely concentrated operations in Oltenia, at Castel Bolovanu and Starmina cellars. The capital infusion resulting from this transaction is a good starting point for the major investments they have in the plan.

This is clear strategic thinking, which belongs to the new owner, Tim Brockman, a sophisticated investor with experience in boards of financial management companies. His vision can be synthesized as:

Clear, straightforward, courageous and innovative actions make us look with confidence towards a future where we put competence, responsibility and, in fact, love for wine into every bottle we produce.

Development plans include various objectives:

  • diversification of existing product lines with limited editions and products for new segments
  • launching into wine-tourism
  • development in new markets, both in the EU and in Asia or the USA
  • promoting new consumer segments, targeting young people.

The Domaine Vinarte Portfolio- Present and Promises

The wine cellar of Sâmbureşti remains a standard for Cabernet Sauvignon through the brands Bolovanu (The Rock Boulder) and Soare (The Sun). Regarding Starmina, Vinarte representatives confirmed that new lines would appear alongside existing brands already in the portfolio. The Vinarte Domains, Starmina Castle and Cuvee d’Excellence brands have already gone through a visual rebranding process.

Prince Mircea keeps his classic label,  so does Sirena Dunarii (the Danube Siren), they are the iconic brands. Note that the redefined Nedeea brand, which symbolizes the elegance of native Romanian varieties, will be given greater importance. More than a brand red wine, Nedeea will turn into a line of premium wines, including a white and a rose. Alongside these classics, we can expect a new range, which will satisfy a younger audience, their attributes being fruitiness and lower alcoholic content. This is in line with international trends favoring easy to drink wines.

The company’s main goal for the future is the diversity of the wine portfolio and launching sophisticated and complex collections, unique editions, depending on what nature allows, niche brands, limited editions, super-premium editions.


Mr. Iustin Urucu, the winemaker whose career is intertwined with Vinarte

All these will be created under the supervision of Iustin Urucu, the enologist who signs the Vinarte labels from the beginning. Mister. Urucu declares:

I always have to bring something new to my wines. I like to play, because the linear wines become dull. The best spokesman for me is wine.

Wine tourism and boutique cellar

A remarkable novelty is related to the introduction into the tourist circuit of the two wine cellars. Stârmina will have 25 rooms designed especially for tourists who reach the Drobeta-Turnu-Severin area with by boat on the Danube, a unique approach on the Romanian shore. Bolovanu wine cellar will be transformed into a super premium, boutique, closed-circuit experience for Vinarte’s partners.

Conquering new markets and market segments

With a rich export experience, retaining only 60% of production for the domestic market, Vinarte aims for expansion in new geographical areas where Romanian wine is regarded as a curiosity, an exotic attraction. Canada, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland, China, Korea, and Japan already embrace the Vinarte products, marketed under the same labels as in Romania. Tim Brockman pointed out that he focuses on the Chinese market, which has vast potential.

Tim Brockman, the new owner of VINARTE, holds a Master’s Degree in European Commercial Law, obtained at the University of Paris, a member of the French and Swiss Bar Associations, chairman of Amadeus Capital S.A. and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turicum Private Bank.

Rodica Căpțână, mentioned that Vinarte has included attracting young clients in the strategic plan. This will be achieved by introducing new product lines, redefining brand communication using social media strategies and being more present where the consumer is. Vinarte is also considering working with brand ambassadors.

Vinarte Events

Personally, I am pleasantly surprised by every Vinarte event. I have already been to the blind evaluation of the new edition of the Sirena Dunarii, where two samples, one matured in oak and the other in acacia barrels, were subjected to the public assessment. The public, consisting of ladies leaning sensitively towards the acacia.


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So proud to be part of the panel of ladies who got to taste and choose the new Danube Mermaid (Sirena Dunării) from Vinarte. We were offered two samples of this botrytis wine and we were asked to select our favorite. The difference came from the type of barrel used to age the wine for 5 years. One of the samples had mainly been aged in oak barrels, giving it a more intense color and more pronounced character, while the other sample came mainly from acacia barrels which made it more light and flowery. The acacia sample was the public’s and my own choice and will most likely become the expression of the 2013 vintage. The previously released vintage was 2001, which you can find in past posts. This is one of the rarest wines. #vinarte #sirena #sirenadunarii #mermaid #danube #danubemermaid #sweetwine #botrytis #dessertwine #winemaking #wineblending #oak #acacia #winelearning #starmina #romania🇹🇩 #romanianwine #rarewine #specialwine #winecellar #winehouse #winefriends #winestagram #ladiesinwine

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The Vertical of Soare 1998-2017 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary delighted the audience with the valences which the same wine can have in different years. I am very curious about how the re-corking event will unfold. This is just one of the ways Vinarte guarantees the quality and the positive evolution of the wines.


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Vinarte (@vinarteromania) is a premium Romanian cellar celebrating 20 years of creating top wines. They decided to bring their friends and fans a vertical (1998-2017) of one of their most appreciated wines, Soare (The Sun) named after the fact that the grapes used for this particular type grow on top of the Bolovanu Hill, where the sun shines all day long, helping the Cabernet Sauvignon ripen fully. My favorites were 2006, a mature Cab with soft tannins and elegant chocolate notes next to the black fruits and a lively, fruity 2016. #romania🇹🇩 #romanianwine #wineofromania #vinarte #soare #samburesti #cabernetsauvignon #cabsav #tasting #vertical #winevertical #celebration #party #celebrating #20years #2decades #quality #vinarte20 #vinarteromania

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Photos belong to Vinarte

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