01 Dec 2021

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24K Gold Leaf Steak Burger at Hard Rock Cafe

24K Gold Leaf Steak Burger at Hard Rock Cafe 

Five years after a Chelsea restaurant brought the gold leaf burger to the public at the prohibitive price of 1100 pounds, Hard Rock Cafe democratizes luxury and introduces a glam rock food: the 24K Gold Leaf Steak Burger.

Although gold tastes neutral, it can be visually exciting, very Insta-worthy. If we also take into account that 10% of the price goes to food donations, it is already worth the bother: hearts and good deeds, #blessed, #lovemylife.

hard rock cafe new menugold burgers

Hard Rock (or hardcore?) temptations

More exciting for me is “One Night in Bangkok.” I still do not understand why they did not want to put the word stand in the name of these extra spicy shrimp since the adrenaline is there. Pair it with some salmon canapes and spinach dip. Initially, you’re a little embarrassed to eat them, but you won’t feel guilty after you do it.

Not just the burger is Insta-friendly. I’ve flipped the camera trigger a few times in the dessert & milkshakes section. The best news is that some have alcohol …

If we’re talking about alcohol and drinks with personality, a line-up of Espresso Martinis seems an excellent way to draw the line after a day’s work. I would even cheer-up a boring meeting with them since the main ingredient is coffee.

Rock On, since 1971

The whole show was under the slogan of “Legends Only,” a tribute to Hard Rock Cafe’s founders. The key point of the evening was the concert with the legendary Cargo, who managed to bring the rock spirit in the house (we sang along with them).

Most likely, I will not become a groupie of the gold burger — too much opulence for my taste. I usually go for simple “metals,” but hey, I respect KISS fans as well.

And because at any event I have to go into the atmosphere a little bit, I leave here this proof that I  have no clue about holding a guitar the right way, but long hair helps.

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